Knights of the Frozen Throne LogoIt's been almost 48 hours since the release of Knights of the Frozen Throne and Hearthstone players worldwide have been hard at work solving the meta and trying to figure out which deck will be able to break the ice. After more than 1,800,000 Ranked Standard games, over 500,000 Arena games and 190,000 Ranked Wild games it's time to take a look who is currently sitting on the throne and who is still trying to find their footing.

Ranked Standard

Druid and Paladin seem to be pulling out in front to an early lead with several new variations on Jade Druid where Ultimate Infestation seems to live up to its expected power level and late game heavy Murloc Paladin decks. The by far most popular deck this time around is J4CKIE's Deathknight Warlock, though the decks performance appears to be drastically dropping when approaching the single digit ranks.
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Player Class Games Played Winrate Popularity
Druid 567,612 54.00 15.33
Hunter 357,421 48.60 9.65
Mage 439,879 47.30 11.88
Paladin 400,756 52.62 10.82
Priest 533,480 50.31 14.41
Rogue 230,771 45.87 6.23
Shaman 392,772 51.79 10.61
Warlock 423,586 47.45 11.44
Warrior 354,510 48.41 9.57


Paladin and Rogue appear to be the driving forces in the Arena. Looking at the Arena Card Winrates, we can see some the reason for that: The top spots are not only populated by our might lord The Lich King but also Righteous Protector and Plague Scientist. Two of the most powerful low cost, common, cards of this set.
Click any of the classes below to see the other high performing arena cards for that class.

Player Class Games Played Winrate Popularity
Druid 71,205 48.51 6.07
Hunter 88,671 47.67 7.57
Mage 267,646 49.94 22.85
Paladin 260,235 52.98 22.21
Priest 152,202 48.66 12.99
Rogue 143,339 52.56 12.23
Shaman 86,028 46.40 7.34
Warlock 68,408 49.74 5.84
Warrior 33,556 40.83 2.86

Note: Popularity is based on games played, not draft picks. This results in lower winrate classes having a naturally lower popularity.

Ranked Wild

Class performance in Wild looks very similar to Standard with the exception that Warlock and Warrior perform slightly better. We sadly don't have enough Wild data to be able to show you any decks yet, however, according to our Wild Card Winrates, Murloc Shaman seems like a very strong candidate currently.

Player Class Games Played Winrate Popularity
Druid 39,279 51.18 10.17
Hunter 32,098 48.83 8.31
Mage 48,717 47.72 12.62
Paladin 44,285 52.07 11.47
Priest 67,086 49.83 17.38
Rogue 28,498 45.38 7.38
Shaman 36,942 51.89 9.57
Warlock 46,977 50.36 12.17
Warrior 42,050 51.02 10.89

We hope this was an informative first look into the new Knights of the Frozen Throne meta game. If you want to stay up to date you can find all the Hearthstone Class Winrates and more directly on our front page. Let us know what other stats you'd like to see in the comments or join us on Discord to share your thoughts.