Pen Flinger OTK with Every Class

Some people saw Pen Flinger as nothing more than a slightly better Elven Archer.
I saw the most hysterical OTK-enabler in Hearthstone.

For cards like these, we need to think outside the classroom, and you'll be surprised what kind of combos the teachers of Scholomance didn't prepare for. Introducing Pen Flinger combos for every class in Hearthstone. Yes... That includes Demon Hunter.

Warlock: One Turn Deck Destruction

Cards Needed: Felosophy, Rin the First Disciple, Darkglare x2, Dark Pact x2, Sacrificial Pact x2, Pen Flinger x2

For this combo, the first steps are to copy a 3rd Darkglare using Felosophy, and to destroy Rin, the First Disciple without using the Pacts. You’ll need them for the combo! There are 6 seals you need to play to play Azari, the Devourer. When you have 3 Darkglares, 1 Pen Flinger can be used on your face to restore 6 mana, the perfect mana cost to play another Seal into Pen Flinger! Once the board fills up, you can use your Sacrificial Pacts to kill off the 2/2 and 3/3 Seal Demons, and continue the combo to play all 6 seals. After you play all the seals, kill off two more of the Seal Demons using your remaining Dark Pacts, Pen Flinger your face twice, and you’ll have the 10 mana available to throw down Azari, the Devourer, destroying your opponent’s deck in one turn!

Warrior: Gurubashi Charge OTK | 36 DAMAGE

Cards Needed: Gurubashi Berserker, Charge, Maiev Shadowsong, Inner Rage x2, Rampage, Pen Flinger x2.

Charge and Maiev have been tested with other combos such as the Raging Worgen OTK. This combo uses the same principle. The first step is to play Gurubashi Berserker, cast Charge on it, then use Maiev Shadowsong to give it Dormant. Once the minion awakens in two turns, it will have Charge, which allows Pen Flinger to come into play with Inner Rages and 1 Rampage. Play your Pen Flingers first into your spells, and you should have enough mana to provide your Gurubashi Berserker with 36 damage if the face is ready for SMORCing.

Rogue: APM Flinger OTK | 32 DAMAGE

Cards Needed: *Galakrond invoked twice* Brann Bronzebeard, Umbral Skulker, Shadowsteps x2, Pen Flinger x2.

The Rogue combo is what inspired me to come up with a Pen Flinger combo with every class. Once this card was announced, I came up with an idea to use Pen Flinger and coins to repeatedly deal damage to face. However, the rope prevents us from doing the actions needed to do the combo the easy way. But where there is a Pen Flinger, there is a way.

For this combo, you need to only have the combo pieces in your hand with one extra card in hand to spare. You also need to move quickly. It is an APM combo due to how many actions are needed as well as animations. If you have more than 7 cards in hand, you will not have enough hand space. You start off by playing Brann Bronzebeard into Umbral Skulker to give yourself up to 6 coins max. You play ALL the coins immediately, then Shadowstep the Umbral Skulker to play it again. Play coins until you have 10 mana, then use Shadowstep on Umbral Skulker to play it a final time. If you’ve done this correctly, you should be at 8 mana with 7 coins in hand. Once assembled, it is time to play BOTH Pen Flingers, then coin, over and over until you have killed your opponent. This combo is my personal favorite. Don’t let the rope win!

Hunter: Gahz’rilla OTK | Damage varies, but 2048 DAMAGE possible

Cards Needed: Gahz’rilla, Beastmaster Leoroxx, Tundra Rhino, Rapidfire x2, Pen Flinger x2  with Emperor Thaurissan

I am not well versed in Hunter deck memes. However, my good friend @DuwinHS helped me assemble this combo to deal the MOST amount of damage possible with Gahz’rilla. Hitting Gahz’rilla with Scavenger’s Ingenuity and setting up a 3rd Pen Flinger with Stitched Tracker will give you maximum damage for the spiciest memes. In order to do this combo correctly, we need an Emperor Thaurissan tick to land on Beastmaster Leoroxx (7), Pen Flingers (0), and Rapid Fires (0). Once the pieces are in place, Beastmaster Leoroxx does the heavy lifting by pulling out Gahz’rilla with Tundra Rhino to enable Charge. Then you slap Gahz’rilla with Double/Triple Pen Flinger for (0) mana, Rapid Fire, Double/Triple Pen Flinger for (1) mana, and use your remaining mana to hit Gahz’rilla as many times as you can. Depending on your set up will determine your damage. If you can set up everything perfectly, you can deal up to 2048 damage!

Druid: Brann/Elise Combo | 35 DAMAGE

Cards Needed: Brann Bronzebeard, Elise, the Enlightened, Moonfire, Pen Flinger x2 with Emperor Thaurissan.

This combo might be one of the hardest to pull off in a real game setting. Unfortunately, Druid doesn’t have many ways to copy minions, so Elise's ability and limitation will have to do. The first step is to get an Emperor Thaurissan tick on your Pen Flingers. This way Elise, the Enlightened will copy (0) mana Pen Flingers once her battlecry is triggered. With only the core cards in hand, play Elise, the Enlightened in combination with Brann, and you should have 6 (0) mana Pen Flingers, and 3 Moonfires. Another weakness of this combo is that you need Brann Bronzebeard to survive the next turn in order to have enough damage to burst your opponent down with an onslaught of Pen Flingers. 6 (0) mana Pen Flingers, into Moonfire, 5 (1) mana Pen Flingers, into Moonfire twice should be more than enough to kill your opponent!

Shaman: Corrupt the Water/Tour Guide OTK | 30 DAMAGE

Cards Needed: Corrupt the Waters, Tour Guide, Barista Lynchen, Lightning Bloom x2*, Pen Flinger x2. Emperor Thaurissan is helpful, but not needed if Lightning Bloom is used.

*You don’t specifically need Lightning Bloom, but you need a 0 mana card to active Pen Flingers.

We already know that Shaman loves Battlecry minions. When Pen Flinger first came out, people were wondering its applications with the Shaman Quest, and I've found i'ts one of the best ways to OTK! Obviously, you need to trigger the quest in order to reap the rewards of double battlecries. After that, you need to play Barista Lynchen with 2 Pen Flingers, then play a spell to return Pen Flinger to your hand, giving you 6 in total. You only need 5 to combo. After the Pen Flingers are copied, throw down Emperor Thaurissan to discount the Pen Flingers to 0 mana, and Tour Guide if needed. If you’re in a pinch, you can also use Emperor Thaurissan to discount 1 mana spells to give you the spells required to combo. You do not need the mana given from Lightning Bloom. After your Pen Flingers are discounted, it’s time to throw down Tour Guide for a (0) mana hero power. Then let the Pen Flingers do the work to deal an easy 30 damage!

Mage: Time Warp/Potion of Illusion Combo | 36+ DAMAGE

Cards Needed: Open the Waygate, Brann Bronzebeard, Potion of Illusion x2, Sorcerer’s Apprentice, Banana Buffoon*, Pen Flinger x2 with Emperor Thaurissan.
*= Banana Buffoon is only used for the 1 mana cards we want to discount. As long as you have a way to get 1 mana spells in your hand, you can use any cards you want.

Originally, this combo has several more cards, such as Archmage Vargoth, to try and cheat an extra turn to help with dealing maximum Pen Flinger damage. However, hand space was always an issue, even when I was playing against my alternate account. The key for this combo relies on the mana discounts. Make sure you have secured at least 3 (1) mana spells before proceeding. They will be necessary later. After completing the quest, play Emperor Thaurissan into Potion of Illusion to give yourself another 1 mana Emperor Thaurissan that will be discounted to (0). Next turn, you play the second Emperor Thaurissan to make your Sorcerer’s Apprentice (0) mana, Brann Bronzebeard to (1) mana, Pen Flingers to (0) mana, second Potion of Illusion to (1) mana, and your quest to (2) mana thanks to the discount of the Sorcerer’s Apprentice. This gives us plenty of mana to play several Pen Flingers and set up the important spells. After the mana discounts are applied, throw down Brann Bronzebeard, Sorcerer’s Apprentice, then Pen Flingers, into one of your (0) mana spells twice, Pen Flinger into Potion of Illusion to give yourself more Pen Flingers for your extra turn, and finish your turn with Pen Flingers into Time Warps. Watch your hand size before playing Potion of Illusion. With your extra turn, you can slam your opponent with 4 Pen Flingers, and deal well over 30 damage in total. If you’re looking for a way to spice up Quest Mage, this will definitely fit the bill.

Demon Hunter: Brann/Twice Slice Combo | 30 DAMAGE

Cards Needed: Brann Bronzebeard, Sathrovarr, Twin Slice x2, Pen Flinger x2, with Emperor Thaurissan.

Yes. It is possible to set up a Pen Flinger OTK with Demon Hunter, even though the class as the least amount of resources to work with and almost no cards to help copy minions. Almost. Sathrovarr isn’t the most flashy minion, but it gets the job done to give you the necessary 5 Pen Flingers to combo your opponent. However, after you Sathrovarr Pen Flinger, you’ll need to immediately play a spell to keep all of your Pen Flingers alive to combo. Luckily, Emperor Thaurissan only needs one tick, but it needs to happen to all your combo pieces: Twin Slices, Brann Bronzebeard, and Pen Flingers. Sadly, you cannot use other (1) mana spells since the damage from Twin Slice is vital to the OTK. After the mana discount is done to all 5 Pen Flingers, Twin Slices, and Brann Bronzebeard, then you should have enough mana to cleanly deal 30 damage right to the dome. Even Illidan Stormrage was not prepared for what Pen Flinger can do!

Paladin: Brann/Coins Combo | 30 DAMAGE

Cards Needed: Any Paladin Quest, Brann Bronzebeard, Licensed Adventurer x2, Barista Lynchen, Zola the Gorgon, Pen Flinger x2 with Emperor Thaurissan

Similar to Druid and Demon Hunter, the Paladin combo is hard to assemble. Originally, I was eyeing Gift of Luminance to help provide extra copies of the Pen Flingers, but I ended up using the classic Barista Lynchen + Zola the Gorgon combo to help give us the extra copies we need. Another reason why this combo is hard is due to the quest being played. The goal is NEVER to fulfill the quest since we need the coins to OTK, similar to Wild Exodia Paladin if you’ve played that deck. Without multiple Emperor Thaurissan ticks, there is no way Paladin will be able to deal enough damage to OTK without aid from the coins. With Brann Bronzebeard being capped at (2) mana, using additional coins is the only route to victory. Once the coins are secured and the extra Pen Flingers have been made, throw down Emperor Thaurissan, and go to the dome with Brann Bronzebeard into Pen Flingers for 30 damage!

Priest: EZ Emperor Discount Combo      

Cards Needed: Brann Bronzebeard, Seance x2, Vivid Nightmare x2, Raise Dead x2, any (0) mana spells, with Emperor Thaurissan.

This final Priest combo is fairly straightforward. With this deck, you can fully abuse Emperor Thaurissan to give yourself a (0) mana Brann Bronzebeard without much trouble. Getting multiple Pen Flingers can be done a multiple of ways. With cards like Raise Dead, Vivid Nightmare, Seance, and Gift of Luminance, finding enough Pen Flingers is never an issue. Much like the combos you’ve seen before it, all you need to do is throw down Brann Bronzebeard at (0) mana with (0) mana Pen Flingers with two (0) mana spells, which Priest has no problem doing. I had the best success running a Miracle Priest if you’re looking to run this combo!

Thanks again to ClarkHellscream for sharing his crazy Pen Flinger combos with us! You can find his content through the links below.

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