New Feature: Player Initiative Filter

The team would like to announce their newest feature: the Player Initiative filter!

At the start of every ranked match in Hearthstone there is one player that goes first, and one player that receives the coin and an extra card. While these respective advantages mostly balances out the global advantage of going first, some decks benefit more from their preferred advantage over the other.

While you can't control which advantage you'll be getting when building, selecting and queuing with a deck, you can adjust your decisions in game accordingly. Our Mulligan Guides on have been available since early on when we launched the statistics section, but we have so far not been differentiating between which advantage a player a had.

Today we're adding the ability for Premium members to break down the various columns depending on whether the player went first or got the coin:

Check out how it works in the embedded video below:

You'll find this new filter on all single deck pages on the site. Check out this Zoo Warlock or this Quest Mage.

While this is one of our most nuanced filters yet, we hope that publishing the data allows players to learn their decks inside out and enhances their intuitive understanding of the game.

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