New Premium Feature – Card Mulligan Data

Starting today, Premium members can access mulligan statistics directly from the Cards page, including Mulligan Winrate, Winrate When Drawn, and more.

In addition, all users can now select which columns are displayed in the Cards page so you can focus on the stats you care about.

The new Premium columns added to the Cards page are:

  • Mulligan Winrate – Average winrate of games when the card ended up in the opening hand.
  • Kept Percentage – Percentage of times the card was kept when presented during mulligan.
  • Winrate When Drawn – Average winrate of games where the card was drawn at any point or ended up in the opening hand.
  • Avg. Turns held – Average number of turns the card was held in hand.
  • Avg. Turn played – Average turn the card was played on.

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