Top 5 Non-Demon Hunter Cards from Ashes of Outland

Though Demon Hunter was undoubtedly the most impactful part of Ashes of Outland, there were several other class and non-class cards that created new archetypes and refined others.

Here are the most popular cards from other classes in the set.

Frozen Shadoweaver

For what has been a very aggro-dominated meta, freezing minions and heroes is an invaluable asset for any deck. Shadoweaver has been an easy slot-in to any Highlander deck. And its influence in the Tempo Demon Hunter mirror match can't be understated.


Discovering a spell is a value-generator that's almost always worth considering when constructing a deck. One mana for a chance at the exact spell you need while also healing your board or face is a solid inclusion. As of this writing, Renew is finding a place in 90.8% of Priest decks. Expect this to keep seeing play as long as it's available.

Scavenger's Ingenuity

Putting Beasts into a Hunter deck isn't a high ask, especially while Zixor, Apex Predator exists. And for all the fans of going face, Stonetusk Boar is also a worthy buff target.

Dirty Tricks

Rogue's objective for this expansion has been heavily dependent on drawing through their deck. Getting a 1-mana discount from Arcane Intellect is well-worth it, even if delayed a turn or two. And its synergy with Shadowjeweler Hanar gives Rogue a draw engine that can create impossibly-tough boards to deal with.

Soul Mirror

Since Mass Hysteria's removal from Standard, Priest sorely needed a board control tool. Soul Mirror rewards smart plays around your opponent's boards and can swing the advantage far to your side.

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