Top Decks | Patch 17.6

As Demon Hunter struggles to pivot after taking some hard hits with the latest round of balance changes, Warrior is feeling the ripple effects. With Demon Hunter's popularity falling off a cliff, Warrior loses one of its best matchups.

Here are some of the top decks in the first 48 hours of patch 17.6.

What. A. Change.

While Demon Hunter and Warrior spend some time building back up, the five archetypes above are using this breathing room to rise to the top.

Highlander Hunter has been one of the most consistent archetypes that only lost hard to aggressive Demon Hunter decks. Now, its matchup spread is highly consistent and able to handle just about anything.

Murloc Paladin has found a lot of success in lower ranks but has struggled in upper ranks because of its inconsistency against the best decks. Now, it may be poised to be one of the stronger aggressive decks in Standard.

We'll continue watching as the meta is likely to continue shifting and forming all the way to Scholomance Academy's release. Stay tuned to to keep up-to-date with all the latest developments!

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