Top Decks | July 19 - July 25

We're less than two weeks away now from Scholomance Academy's release! But in the mean time, the Standard meta continues to shift and change.

Here are some of the decks that are performing the best from the past 7 days.

Aggro continues to dominate

Because of Patch 17.6's proximity to the next expansion, we are likely to continue to see developments across the ladder. The meta continues to shift, diversify, and impress us in these final days of Ashes of Outland.

Highlander Hunter is still clearly at the top and will likely stay there. Its play style, like most Highlander decks, is able to adapt to pretty much whatever it's playing against. Hunter's advantage is that it has several aggressive tools to finish games such as Nagrand Slam, Dinotamer Brann, and Dragonbane.

Hunter's big weakness is when decks can unleash pure aggression. (No, not that kind of Pure) Like Enrage Warrior saw most of its play to counter the then top-of-the-meta Tempo Demon Hunter, faster decks are the ones that are rising because of Hunter's popularity. These include Zoo Warlock and Murloc Paladin.

Quest Warlock is the paper to the above scissors and rock game. Its board clears, removal spells, and healing allow it to have a firm handle throughout the game against these aggressive decks.

We're eager to see how Scholomance Academy changes things up soon! Stay tuned to to keep up-to-date with all the latest developments!

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