Scholomance Academy Card Reveals – July 25 - 27

These new cards from Scholomance Academy were revealed this weekend, including lots of dual-class cards!

Mage and Rogue are masters of illusions, and their dual-class legendary Jandice Barov plays off this. The pool of 5-cost minions is pretty good, averaging around 4/4 or 5/5 worth of stats. But how these minions get used will make all the difference. Though your opponent doesn't know which you've chosen to die when damaged, they're likely to have a good guess by whichever has the lower health. A simple ping can test and possibly take it out. Then you played a 2/1 to spawn a random 5-cost minion for 5 mana. If a Tempo-oriented Rogue emerges, this could still be justified as a top-end card that confuses your opponent just enough to give you the edge.

R.I.P. Sen'jin Shieldmasta. Druid has already had access to a similar life gain effect in Steel Beetle. But Groundskeeper having Taunt means that it is able to stabilize your life total and force aggressive opponents to pummel through it before proceeding. Any mid-late game Druid and Shaman builds will easily find space for it.

Simply as a 3/6 dealing 1 damage to enemies each turn, Ras seems like a decent enough card. With the right Spell Damage support this expansion though, buffing this even once or twice starts to make it a significant threat. It might even give a chance to some very fringe cards like Kirin Tor Tricaster and Azerite Elemental. They could be more meaningful when played as high-value on curve plays instead of needing to combine them with spells.

Vectus is certainly a unique effect. And as a Neutral legendary, there are going to be a lot of possibilities over its lifetime in Standard. Immediately, it's easy to recognize that extra Primes could be useful for late-game strategies. But some of the more heavy hitting and dependable Deathrattles such as Convincing Infiltrator or Tirion Fordring would make some whelps very happy. We're excited to see what direction this card takes different classes.

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