Scholomance Academy Card Reveals – Soul Fragments

Dual class cards are one of the most exciting parts of Scholomance Academy. Yesterday, we learned about the Demon Hunter/Warlock cards which have their own exclusive mechanic: Soul Fragments.

Soul Fragment is a non-collectible card that restores 2 health to your hero when drawn and then automatically draws another card for you. This card can't be added to your collection or 30-card deck, but it can be shuffled in-game through a number of new cards.

Each of these cards will shuffle 2 Soul Fragments into your deck. For both Warlock and Demon Hunter, life gain is an issue. Between the Life Tap hero power and swinging with your face as many turns as possible, Soul Fragments are a welcome addition to get a little bit of a buffer to be able to close out the game. And both of these cards stand on their own as pretty good, but it's the payoff cards that will really make Soul Fragments stand out.

Each of these cards destroys a Soul Fragment in your deck to give you a huge turn, whether dealing damage on the board or spawning memories of pre-nerf Dragon's Pack. These cards above are all heavy hitters that could swing games significantly. We're eager to see how they could fit in a more midrange-style deck for both classes.

There are also some big Control-oriented tools with Soul Fragments as well. Shardshatter Mystic allows Demon Hunters to make a tempo play reminiscent of Dusk Breaker. And Soulciologist Malicia will give either class a whopping play to establish board presence, clear off your opponent's board, or maybe a bit of both. You'll get value off this card even with just 1 Soul Fragment in your deck.

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