Top Decks | July 25 - July 31

Scholomance Academy releases this Thursday! With that, you have 6 days to reach whatever goal you'd like before the insanity of a new set and new decks is unleashed.

Here are some of the decks that are performing the best from the past 7 days.

Hunter is the class to beat

Highlander Hunter has not budged a bit. With many other lists from this archetype vying for the top spot, this one's favorable position in the mirror is what takes it over the top. Those games typically come down to who has the best early game as well as the perfectly timed Dinotamer Brann on 7. But the Bone Wraith in this list also deserves recognition as a great way to stop aggression in its tracks.

Murloc Paladin and Tempo Demon Hunter are reliable ways to outrun both of these Hunter decks, they're taking a prominent position as well. We recommend trying this Demon Hunter list for its advantage over all of the top 3 archetypes. Yes, after 5 rounds of balance changes, Demon Hunter is still very strong.

Pure Paladin makes a surprise appearance in our final Top Decks post of the Ashes of Outland meta. The deck is incredibly strong against both Hunter decks as it can recover from the hard-hitting early and midgames and counter with their own threats.

We're eager to see how Scholomance Academy changes things up soon! Stay tuned to to keep up-to-date with all the latest developments!

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