Patch Notes - 18.4

All hail the Elementals! Battlegrounds' latest minion type will be available TOMORROW along with a new hero and a few adjustments to Standard play.

New Battlegrounds Tribe - Elementals

New Battlegrounds Heroes

Sulfuras [Passive]
At the end of your turn, give your left and right-most minions +4/+4.

One More New Battlegrounds Minion

MMR Reset

We knew that an MMR Reset was coming for Battlegrounds, and now we have all the details direct from Blizzard:

External Battlegrounds ratings will be reset for all players and a new progression system will be introduced. The new system is similar to the progression system players are familiar with from our constructed Ranked mode.
Players will see their rating reset to 0, and all new players will start with 0 rating. With every Top 4 placement, players will gain rating—up to 300 per win. A player's rating will never go below 0, and they cannot lose rating until they’ve climbed above 2000.
Here are the nuts and bolts of how the new system works:
Between 2000 and 6000 rating, every 500 rating (2500, 3000, etc.) will act as a new rating floor where you cannot lose rating.
Below 6500 rating, players will earn a small bonus to their rating gains at the end of each match, which will in turn make for a faster climb.
Rating losses will remain consistent.
Matchmaking will now be done based on the player's invisible internal rating, which we’ve been tracking since Battlegrounds launched. Internal ratings for players will not be reset and will not be affected by the above modifications to external ratings. When your external rating is lower than your internal rating, you will gain rating faster. Read more about the ratings update in our Dev Insights blog!
Please note that your rating will not visibly reset until you've played at least one Battlegrounds game!

Card Balance Updates

Tortollan Pilgrim

  • Old: Battlecry: Discover a copy of a spell in your deck and cast it with random targets. → New: Battlecry: Discover a spell in your deck and cast it with random targets.

Guardian Animals

  • Old: 7 mana → New: 8 mana

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