Battlegrounds Heroes Performance by First Place Finishes

For many top-level Battlegrounds players, nothing matters more during the Hero selection process than the expected performance of that hero. A BG Tier List could get you the results you need. But one of the critical points of data for that decision is also how often players can make it to that coveted first-place finish with it. At Tier7, you can always see Placement Distribution of the heroes you're offered to get a feel for what that hero's performance looks like. But we did a deeper dive into our data to see which heroes are overall the best to be on the hunt for when you're trying to vie for the ultimate placement.

Vol'jin's buddy Master Gadrin has led to a pretty reliable game state of swapping his stats with a heavily invested Tier 1 minions like Chromawing. Once you get that chain going with Gadrin, Vol'jin's chances of a 1st place finish are insane. We'll see how the troll fares without him soon.

Conversely, top players won't be surprised to see Deryl at the bottom of this list, as his ability to pull off a 1st place finish is extremely limited. However his massive amount of 2nd-4th finishes (54.6% in the last 14 days) shoots his average placement up much higher.

Alexstrasza is another interesting story as players actually place more often in 8th place with her rather than 1st. (20.5% in the last 14 days) Her power leveling leaves little room for a run that's somewhere in the middle. You either get the blowout warband that you need or run out of gas quickly trying.

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