This last month was a big one for HearthSim: We launched Statistics and have been hard at work every day since. We're incredibly grateful for all your feedback and all our Premium subscribers! Thanks to your support we're able to continue working on the site.

ur feedback and all our Premium subscribers! Thanks to your support we're able to continue working on the site.

In this article we'll be looking at all the features we built and changes we introduced since the launch of our statistics sections a few weeks ago. Some of these have already been introduced with an article, our Twitter or Facebook page (new!), but some of the smaller changes have not been announced yet.

Discover and Adapt Choices

We've added two additional tabs which will appear on the card pages for Discover and Adapt cards. This is one of the slightly hidden features we're really excited about: Since we can dive deep into the replays submitted to our statistics, we can analyze not only the deckbuilding decisions, but also how any single card is played. These new tabs join the Targets tab, as seen on cards like Kill Command and The Black Knight and appear on the card pages for all eligible cards.

For example we can see that Primordial Glyph is commonly used to discover another Primordial Glyph. Players chose to go another round and picked a second Primordial Glyph (if it was offered) nearly 70% of the time. For comparison: The second highest pick, Fireball, was only picked around 55% of the time it was offered.

Looking at Ravasaur Runt we can see that players mostly pick "Deathrattle: Summon two 1/1 plants" for it. This new tab even works with cards like Volcanosaur which you get to Adapt multiple times!

Translated Cards Lists

You've been able to set your account language in your account settings for some time now. Whilst this used to only affect cards in replays, we've now made all card lists across the site respect this setting, so that the cards appear in the language you expect. We'll be slowly translating additional parts of the site in the coming months and are still thinking about the right way to do this.

Quest Details

Quests are one of the exciting new mechanics of Journey to Un'Goro, and we've dived head on into some new statistics territory. As part of our research into quest data we added two additional tabs to quest card pages.

The Quest Completion tab shows the turn-by-turn completion statistics of quests. You're able to see the average turn the quest is completed and the effect that has on the winrate. Check them out on any quest page, such as The Caverns Below and Awaken the Makers.

We've also launched the Quest Contributors tab. Each card page features the cards most used to complete the quest. You can also check these out on any quest page, for example Fire Plume's Heart and Jungle Giants.

Deck Overview

Deck pages now have an overview tab that shows you some key data points about that deck, such as it's winrate against various classes. We've also moved some of the details from the sidebar to this tab, such as the mana curve, average winrate, duration and turns. We want to keep showing the decklist as you click on a deck, but this tab gives us some badly needed space on the page for additional data.

Legend Rank Filters (Premium)

We had gotten a lot of requests for this, and we introduced the two additional rank ranges Legend only and Legend–5 for our Premium subscribers on all supported pages. We did not include this with the initial launch since enabling additional filter options increases the amount of queries we need to run on our statistics infrastructure substantially. With the continous improvements we felt confident enough to launch this. We'll be experimenting with additional filters in the coming weeks and months.

Enhanced Opponent Selection (Premium)

As a Premium subscriber you can now multiselect opponent classes on the Decks page like you were already able to do for the player classes. Simply hold Ctrl and click on as many classes as you want. The winrates will update to reflect your chosen composition. This can be very useful for deciding on a deck to play in a tournament if you’re planning to ban a specific class. We’re working on adding this to further pages, such as the single deck pages.

Further changes

  • Added time frame selection to My Cards (Premium)
  • Added a notice on Cards if cards are hidden due to sparse data
  • Added a notice to uncraftable cards
  • Added further tooltips around the site
  • Endless scrolling on Cards and Gallery should be much smoother now
  • Improved our statistics infrastructure a lot behind the scenes
  • Improved accessibility around the site

That's it for April! We're heading right on into May and are continuosly listening to your feedback. Right now we're spending time on designing some exciting new features and enhancements to our existing ones.
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