Scholomance Academy Card Reveals – Druid, Hunter, & Mage

All the cards from Scholomance Academy have now been revealed! Here are some of the ones that caught our attention as you begin theorycrafting for next week's release.

Escaped Manasaber has shown us the power of a minion with Stealth and an attacking benefit. Drawing 2 cards is generally worth 3 mana, and a 5-attack creature can trade into a lot of threatening minions. Even if Twilight Runner triggers once, it's well worth its cost. Expect this to show in a lot of Druid decks.

Gibberling at first glance seems innocent and silly enough. But its effect is actually scarily similar to Violet Teacher. And for a deck with reliable token Deathrattles (Soul of the Forest) and burst damage for a wide board (Savage Roar), don't overlook the possibilities. There could be some dangerously fast games if this deck draws right.

Speaking of Token decks, Robes of Protection creates some interesting scenarios for those strategies as its effect takes away the use of any single target removal, such as Penance or Backstab. Though you'll still be vulnerable to AOE, this could be enough to grab an early game edge.

Hunter got a boost with some Beasts with great effects. Cards like Mok'Nathal Lion, Pack Tactics, and Nine Lives have been waiting in the wings for more minions to take advantage of. Don't underestimate Teron Gorefiend's value for these new Deathrattle minions. Use him after activating Krolusk Barkstripper's effect so that you can get another Spellburst after Teron dies.

Mage is getting a heavy dose of Spell Damage effects to take the class in a new direction. But one of the most influential cards from Scholomance Academy could be Wyrm Weaver. If your opponent can't deal with the 2 Mana Wyrms it spawns, you can use all sorts of Small Spells like Evocation and Magic Trick to finish your opponent quickly.

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