Interview with RidiculousHat

This week we had a chance to interview RidiculousHat, a Hearthstone podcaster, streamer, and content creator.

Hat, thanks so much for taking the time to let us get to know you better! Kick us off with the beginning. How did you first get into Hearthstone?

Hat: So my background in card games comes from a very, very long time playing Magic the Gathering. I first picked it up at summer camp in the 90's and became more competitive with it in the early 00's, playing it as my main game for over a decade. After getting a job that required me to work nights and weekends, I was looking for a game that fit a more varied schedule. And after finding Hearthstone, I realized it was a perfect fit.

Content Creation

You are a podcast hosting fiend. Tell us more about your story behind getting into podcasting and why you enjoy the medium so much.

Hat: This is honestly a strange story to think about, but it goes back to being active on Twitter more than anything! It's clear that Hearthstone and Twitter go very well together, and I'd interacted in the past with a podcast host named Spivey who was originally on an MTG show. He's still the cohost of a show named 1600 Dust, and they had me on for an episode in 2016. I was hooked and started guest hosting on any show I could find. Shortly after, Cora got her Blizzard casting job and needed to step back from Coin Concede for a bit, and I ended up filling in. The rest is history, and 4+ years later I'm still at it.

You’ve also had the chance to interact with a lot of amazing people in the Hearthstone scene specifically on Coin Concede. Who have been a couple of your favorites to interview and why?

Hat: The scam answer is my cohosts. Both former and current hosts have been excellent friends of mine. One of the things I looked forward to every year was hanging out with everyone at Blizzcon. With that being said, we've had some really top notch guests. Bloodyface was fantastic on Episode 239 and is such a nice fella. He's also super smart. Jared Tendler may be less well known in HS circles, but he is a really sharp poker coach and a fantastic teacher. Definitely check it out.

What has your foray into regular Twitch streaming over the past few months taught you about that platform?

Hat: This is going to sound super cliche and sappy, but I've learned that the community is incredibly supportive and doesn't need a reason to be supportive. It's super rad. Everyone is kind and understanding and excited and generous and yeah. Beyond that, I've learned that Friday morning streams are a lot harder than Monday morning streams. Streaming every day is a ton of work (especially with other content creation on top of that), and it's better when your mic does not point at your air conditioner.

Scholomance Academy

What’s been your take on Scholomance Academy so far? What are the highlights and things you’d like to see adjusted?

Hat: Love it. It's easily one of my favorite expansion launches ever. Time will tell how it ages, but it's so refreshing to play and I love the elevated synergy level that every class seems to have access to. Alec Dawson mid sets are high quality. Some play patterns probably need to be adjusted, but it's more of a game experience thing rather than balance thing. Some nudge to Druid probably needs to happen (maybe Twilight Runner to draw one card, maybe Overgrowth to 5), and there are probably some options for tweaks beyond that if cards end up being too efficient like Raise Dead or Devolving Missiles. I do also expect Tortollan Pilgrim to get changed to cast a spell from your deck instead of a copy of a spell, as the play pattern of infinite freezes is a bummer.

Which classes and archetypes have most surprised you so far?

Hat: Mage is a very interesting class right now, and there's a lot of stuff being explored with no clear path as to where it'll end up. I love the tempo build. Pure Paladin is also a lot better than I thought it would be, though it's clear that things are adjusting over time. I'm not surprised that Rogue is awesome, but I love it anyway.

We know the competitive scene is in its infancy, but go ahead. Make some bold predictions for what’s going to come out on top.

Hat: As it stands, Druid, Rogue, Priest, Warrior, and Demon Hunter thanks to the power of Soul Control. The pros are going to maximize Illucia and Edwin. Warlock has a lot of room for exploration and seems under-explored. Druid is Druid.

Rapid Fire Questions

Favorite and least favorite card of all time?

Hat: Favorite - 1 mana Cold Blood
Favorite in Scholomance - Jandice Barov (aka "JBar")
Least favorite - Divine Favor
Least favorite in Scholomance - Trick Totem

Favorite and least favorite expansion?

Hat: Favorite - either Un'Goro, Saviors, or now Scholomance
Least favorite - Witchwood

All of the decks or just some of the decks?

Hat: I played 38 decks in the first three days of Scholomance. Give me more deck slots and more friends list slots.

A deck you can’t stand?

Hat: Rastakhan's Rumble-era Wall Priest.

A deck that you can’t get enough of?

Hat: Anything Rogue, but primarily Miracle Rogue. Bonus points for Cold Blood.

Most underrated card from Scholomance Academy so far?

Hat: Have people figured out Raise Dead and Devolving Missiles? Outside of those, probably Polkelt.


Hat: Are we getting hot dogs? Because a hot dog is a taco.

Anything else you’d like to say before we wrap up the interview?

Hat: Thanks so much for having me interview here! Really appreciate all the work you all do for the community.

Thanks again to RidiculousHat for sharing his time and thoughts on Hearthstone with us! You can find his content through the links below.

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