5 High Legend Decks to Watch (And Try!)

After the recent changes to Mindrender Illucia and Kael'thas Sunstrider, the meta has continued to shift, twist, and turn practically every day. The variety of archetypes and decks being played can make it tough for players to keep up with everything out there. We took the following 5 decks played by professional players at high legend to give everyone something to play with regardless of whether you're a tryhard on ladder or just want to play something to completely surprise your opponent. Check out these decks:

The Kael'thas change had Guardian Druid clear in its sights. And while the Survival of the Fittest builds are struggling to return to their former glory, Malygos Druid seems to be ready to take the lead. In this deck, Guardian Animals just helps you get to your combo pieces quicker with insane draw and pressure. Anubisath Defender and Speaker Gidra give you even more board presence for that crucial midgame.

LiquidOx and Garrosh are back to their old Bomb tricks! Some of the Scholomance Academy cards have made the deck even more consistent than before. Cutting Class enables you to cycle through quickly to your important pressure cards for next to nothing. And Lord Barov gives you another crucial board clear against big Guardian Druid or Soul Demon Hunter boards.  

Guess what? Mindrender Illucia is still good. And that change to Discover cards? Yeah, you still want to play Renew. High Abbess Alura is a very interesting pick in this list. But between Apotheosis and Power Word: Feast, you've got some decent buffing spells to pull. Even if you just pull more resources off Raise Dead or Renew, that's not bad. If you like Priest, this deck plays more proactively than a lot of other comparable lists. Try this out, and see what Abbess can do for you!

While Small Spell Mage was a force to be reckoned with at the beginning of the Scholomance Academy meta, it's fallen off quite a bit, mainly due to the rise of Face Hunter and Bomb Warrior. Because Small Spell Mage has fallen off, Libram Paladin is rising again. Be one step ahead of them, and remind them that Devolving Missiles is a card. Running both Ras Frostwhisper and Jandice Barov, this is one of the most popular takes on the archetype.

Zoo Warlock almost always seems to find a place when given a chance to be aggressive. With decks like Malygos Druid and Galakrond Priest on the ladder, Zoolock can establish the board and dominate before these archetypes even have a chance to wind up. This spicy take includes Disciplinarian Gandling and Desk Imps to have some truly explosive turns. Darkglare can lead to some nutty scenarios with Flesh Giant to pay off, too. Beware of too many aggressive archetypes on the ladder though. Rogue hides in the shadows, Demon Hunter rushes in, and Hunter goes face (as always). And they'll all kill you faster than you can kill them.

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